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Online Payments

You can settle all your invoices right here on our website. Infotech Consultants allows you, our customers the friendly, easy and safe way to pay for your services with just a few simple clicks.

This page provides details of how the transaction is processed so that you know the safety levels of our system.

Payments are processed at, click here if you wish to settle your invoice.

We accept the following Credit Cards:

All payments are processed on our Hosted Payments Page which is provided by Direct Payment Solutions (DPS)/Payment Express, a New Zealand based payment processor. The Hosted Payments Page provides a secure platform which ensures your safety and helps reduce fraud. To learn more about DPS, please visit

During the course of the transaction, you may notice that our website communicates with the DPS website. Through this communication, we are able to process your transaction. During processing you will see the website address "", please note this is perfectly normal.

For more details about your privacy, the terms and conditions associated with the online payment process, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages.

VISA cards accepted Verified by VISA MasterCard accepted MasterCard SecureCode AMEX cards accepted Westpac